About us

Few words about our history


"Anyone can make a profit, but I believe that only a few can truly make a difference in what they do"


C.E.O Word

I want that my products being seen a work of art. I feel proud when people tell me that my food has a unique and distinct taste compared to competitors . Vision is an important and significant concept in life. I envision an environment in which employees are happy and proud to work. I believe that satisfied employees give great results. High productivity and smart and sustainable development are all important factors for a healthy and social environment. Our values are the core of our Damascene culture. I trust our team and group thinking which in turn leads to more productive and creative people.

Commitment to deadlines is not an option but it’s necessary in the competitive world of business. Having created and inspired by this kind of awareness toward our values and vision, we must maintain and exceed our high standards in our production lines and processes consistently. As such, we are keen to use the latest food safety measures to ensure the highest quality and safety in all of our products.
Finally, I would like to dedicate our success story to my sons for them to continue and develop our mission and vision for a better future.


About US

Our story began in 1991 as a small bakery. Our strategy was to make the highest quality products in order to become one of the best producers
Accordingly, we’ve diversified and developed new products to meet our growing customers' needs. Thus, we started to produce sweets and ice-cream. We have Point Of Sales spread in the most strategic locations and soon after, we started launching distribution units to cover and expand our market share. In 2009, we expanded our export network as an additional step toward internationalization.